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We are wanting to come alongside people in the community and support and strengthen them in practical ways as well as spiritual.  This is done by providing food parcels to those in need and supporting pupils of local schools who are in need of assistance.

If this is an area you would like to help with please email

Away - Missions we support overseas


Laura Monahan - The Liberty Project


Laura Monahan runs The Liberty Projecy, they are a Christian faith-based non-profit established in Nacala, Mozambique and was the first Christian faith-based organisation in Cabo Delgado, the northernmost Province of Mozambique.  They work with women who have been sexually exploited, abused and culturally oppressed. Their vision is to make disciples through sustainable initiatives lead by nationals, empowering women with true identity and freedom!

They confront these issues through discipleship, basic education and vocational training and life skills.  They empower each woman, working side by side with her in relationship to bring true identity and freedom bringing transformation to families and communities.

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Pastor Michael - Fiji

Pastor Michael Ami Chand has a ministry reaching the poorest of the poor, both believers and unbelievers.   Glory Church is affiliated to the AOG in Fiji and meets in the (open air) basement of his home in rural Nadi.


The majority of his work is directed toward helping marginalised Fijian Indian families.   Poverty has always been an issue for this sub-group but with Covid decimating Fiji’s tourism economy – and thus work opportunities, the needs have become extreme.


Nadi, Fiji

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