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Cute Baby Crawling

Parent's room

We have a room set up at the back of church which has a comfy couch for feeding and TV connected to the service. There is also a nappy change area and play space for your baby.

Little Lights - up to 5

Welcome to Little Lights. Our under 5s meet every week in a room in the Motuora block. We have a time of worship then free play before morning tea, a bible story and prayer time.

Kids in Preschool
Sparks 5-10 years
Kids Running

Sparks Yrs 1-6

Each Sunday at 10am, we stay in and worship with our whole church before we head into our own programme for a morning of fun, friendship and talks that help us to grow together in our journeys with Jesus. We love focussing on our identity and who we are in Jesus.

Ignite 10-13 years

Ignite Yrs 7-10 

Ignite Yrs 7-10 runs every Sunday This is a great programme that focusses on relationship with each other and your relationship and identity in God.  

Our Intermediates also meet every 2nd Thursday from 7-9pm at the Hub during the week.

Happy group of friends
Edge 13 years and up

Edge 13 Years and Up

Edge Youth Yrs 9-13, runs every Thursday night from 7-9pm at the Hub, 21 Tamariki Ave, Orewa. To find out more, email our youth Pastor Paul and he’ll answer your questions and help you connect in.

New To New Day Church?


For anyone new to New Day Church we need you to register your child/ren with us to help us to know and care for your children.  You can use the form below so your kids are already signed up for our programmes when you arrive on a Sunday, or you can do this in person on Sundays too. 

New to New Day...

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Thanks for signing up!

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